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CALL: 081 6572 2731, 081 3988 2060

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Collecting for Retirment

Retirement Income

Invest your hard-earned savings so you and your family can ultimately achieve your long term lifestyle goals.

Collecting for Retirment

Investment Strategy

Our strategies meet your needs according to PENCOM guidelines and Investment management policy.

Collecting for Retirment

Rate of Return

Manage your contributions effectively and efficiently by checking your rate of return. Learn responsible investment best practices.

Collecting for Retirment

Online Statement

Enjoy the convenience of monitoring your RSA account anywhere and anytime by using our online statement. Sign up today.

Collecting for Retirment

Pension Calculator

Plan your retirement wisely. Set a target and use our Pension Calculator to determine your required savings to achieve your target.

Collecting for Retirment

Investment Portfolio

Ensure the profitability on your funds as you let us help you get the best rate of return on your investments.

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Processing withdrawal applications on your Retirement Savings Account (RSA) is FREE. IEI-Anchor Pensions will not ask for gratification in any form, either monetary or material before or after processing your withdrawal application.

Please do not make payment to any staff of IEI-Anchor Pensions as charges for services rendered or to be rendered.