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DATE                   RSA Unit Price:

22-Apr-2016         1.8168

23-Apr-2016         1.8172

24-Apr-2016         1.8176

25-Apr-2016         1.8180

26-Apr-2016         1.8185
27-Apr-2016         1.8178

28-Apr-2016         1.8190

DATE                     RETIREE UNIT PRICE

22-Apr-2016              2.0692

23-Apr-2016              2.0698

24-Apr-2016              2.0703
25-Apr-2016               2.0709

26-Apr-2016               2.0714

27-Apr-2016              2.0719

28-Apr-2016               2.0724


I have not yet given my RSA PIN to my Human Resources or Personnel department

Kindly send your RSA PIN and Pension Fund Custodian details to your Human Resources department..

Will the new Scheme affect every worker?

The scheme will not affect existing pensioners and those who as at the commencement of the Act had 3 years or less to retire as well as persons under S.291 of the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria, that is, Judicial Officers of the Supreme Court and Appeal Court and any other Court as specified in the Constitution. However, all other employees in the Federal Public Service, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and the private sector (where there are five or more employees) are affected by the new scheme.

What is the new Pension Scheme in Nigeria

The new scheme is a contributory, privately managed pension scheme. Every eligible Employee shall maintain a Retirement Savings Account in his name with the Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) of his choice. The employee shall notify his employer of the PFA chosen and the identity of the Retirement Savings Account (RSA) opened. The employee and employer contribute a minimum statutory percentage of the employee’s monthly emoluments (comprising basic salary, housing allowance and transport allowance) into the Retirement Savings Account of the employee.

The contributions would be managed and administered by Professional Fund Administrators and held in custody by licensed Pension Fund Custodians. At retirement, the amount in the employee’s Retirement Savings Account would be the total contributions plus income and capital gain earned on the contributions made.


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